For a long time, I worked in a company that supplies its systems for data processing in large quantities. Each complex includes dozens of separate DBMS. As a rule, they all had their own performance groups, which readjusted by some means our DBs for themselves, which, in turn, were also actively developed by us.

I, particularly, ensured a large development team with a possibility to create any new goodies in the DB without too much thinking of how it would operate by users, as well as our users, in turn, to receive all updates to their DBMS using only the brain limbic system functions.

dbProjector embodies many years’ experience gained while solving the above-described problems, and it is intended to save a lot of mental efforts, and thus, the financial costs.

This project makes it possible to get a lot. It understands and is able to work with almost all the objects in MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL DBMS and to convert almost any DB schema for them.

But I believe that it is only the very beginning. I have many ideas that can be implemented based on the DB development support. And I do not mean a common improvement of usability of Code Highlighting type or various Version Control System support from IDE dbProjector, although it will be done as well.

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