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Programs processing data are created, operated, and replaced by new ones when are out of date. Data themselves always remain and they are only added. At the same time, the DB structure itself is not frozen in time. New tables are developed, the existing ones are modified, and the number of functions and procedures in the DB begins to amount to thousands.

At the same time, using a version control system while software developing stands to reason. In general, it is difficult to imagine how one can develop a code in a command without using VCS. However, many people still cannot clearly answer the question of what to do with the DB.

Currently, for those databases like MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL, dbProjector can be an answer to this question.

  • dbProjector ensures to make a declarative schema as the DB final determination. The schema in turn is under control of versions.
  • Another essential tool without which the first one does not make sense is a mechanism of comparing a declaratory scheme in the project and a real scheme in any existing database as well as an automatically generating of script to deploy a new version of the DB schema.
  • Using only a DB schema without reference and / or initialization data (e.g., reports supported by the application, etc.) is not enough in most cases. When deploying a new DB, it is always necessary to develop something extra to fill various directories, etc. dbProjector has developed distribution means not only of the DB schema itself, but also of data that may be contained therein. In addition, flexible tools to add, modify or delete the data in the update are offered

All this in common allows to release the development team from a routine, often fraught with all types of errors, task to write the DB upgrade with various options, and therefore to save time and money for other tasks.

All of the mentioned possibilities are fulfilled via the IDE dbProjector easily to install and simply to use:


Projects deployment

After the next version of the DB is ready, the following question arises: how with minimal efforts the developers should deploy this DB version under an indefinite number of users who have installed their DBs of undefined version, with undetermined number of changes, access to which you do not have…

The answer to this question is dbpDeploy. It is a certain utility existing in two versions. A GUI application, execution in the form of the installation wizard where the user is only required to specify connection parameters to his / her DB, and a console application with the same functionality, but intended for the hidden start of your installation packages.


System requirements

Currently dbProjector supports the following DBMS:

  • Microsoft SQL Server – all 2008 – 2016 editions
  • PostgreSQL – all 9.1 – 9.6 editions

dbProjector runs on Windows and Linux operating systems. To start, it only requires .NET Framework 4.5 (it is included in Windows all modern versions) or Mono (http://www.mono-project.com/) for Linux systems.



If you have any questions, first of all, please, visit dbProjector forums.

If you have any valuable feedback, you are welcome to Discussions and questions.

If you face with errors in dbProjector, please, look at the Troubleshooting & Bug Reports, which may already have such a report or a ready solution. If no, feel free to create a new report. At the same time, please, describe in detail all the steps to reproduce the bug (bug reproduction often is a difficult moment, but if the bug cannot be reproduced – there is nothing to correct).

You can also contact me directly at: dbprojector@yandex.ru